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Best Places to Visit in Croatia

With a glimmering coastline of islands, abundant seafood, and historic old towns squeezed onto walled peninsulas, Croatia is a stunning destination to delight all types of travelers.

Top 10 Things a Tour Guide Packs For a Day Hike in the National Parks

Whether you're heading out for an hour or a couple of days, knowing what to pack for your National Park hiking trip is of utmost importance.

Your Guide to Teen Trips

 Your Guide to Teen TripsTraveling with your children during their teenage years can be one of the most rewarding vacation experiences of their young lives, both for you and your…

10 Best Photography Spots in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a great place for photography! Its located in the north-west corner of Montana and is one of the most photogenic spots I’ve ever been to.

Why Alaska is one of our Favorite Adventures

Why Alaska is one of our Favorite AdventuresAlaska, the name alone conjures up visions of epic adventures in the far North.

Tips for Photographing the Southwest United States

Before I get started, I want to introduce myself - my name is Andy Austin. I'm a guide and the lead photographer here at Austin Adventures.

Andy Austin- Photographer/Graphic Designer

          Andy is a Psychology student and football player at Montana State University.

Interview with Dan Austin: Running an Adventure Tour Company (Dec. 19, 2008)

  Dan AustinWho doesn't want to travel the world, seeking out amazing hikes along pristine trails, discovering hidden gems like gourmet restaurants nestled in mountain towns, or top-notch art galleries in…