Travel Anew: Travel Redefined Amid a Pandemic World

Travel Anew: Travel Redefined Amid a Pandemic World


With all the changes in the world, it’s hard to imagine that there will ever be a time that we travel the same way we did before the 2020 pandemic. And to be honest, we probably never will. The world changes and we change with it; it’s human nature. When you sit back and think about that, it is a beautiful concept. The perseverance of the human spirit is untamable. And that means that we, as people, will never forgo adventure travel; we will just redefine it.

There has always been a community that chooses wide open spaces and mother nature for their adventure travel over the hustle and bustle of large cities; we know them well here at Austin Adventures. 

While this group of people has always known about the beauty and incredible family adventures that stem from outside-the-box travel, this community is about to grow…by a lot! 

The urge to travel and have new experiences is embedded in our souls, so just because some of the world has “shut down” does not mean our wanderlust disappears.  It just means people are readjusting the way they think about vacations and our adventure travel family is about to get bigger.  We welcome them with open arms…at a safe six-foot distance of course.


“Choose to be Optimistic. It feels better.”


So many people are viewing the pandemic world as closed, shut down, and inaccessible. But those with adventurous souls started seeing the world as open and ready to be discovered. There’s a silver lining to social distancing in that there are a lot of places that have more trees than people and more fresh air than artificial air conditioning.

This new world has freed the spirit and broken the cookie-cutter vacation molds. It has opened the mind to the possibilities that the world has always offered.

Of course, travel shaming is a real concern of 2020 and the social media trolls are on the ready if you happen to post a picture of your family adventure.  But do not let your well-thought-out vacation be halted due to the fears of others. The truth is that travel can be done safely even in this new pandemic world and you are not alone. Plus, with all the issues arising from being cooped up, adventure travel is a cure for the soul.  

“Discouragers are the folks who regularly see the glass as half-empty, and they do not want anyone else to get one that's half full.” ― Cathy Burnham Martin

So, what is the new norm for travel?  Many people are opting for road trips instead of air travel. RV sales and rentals have increased at a staggering rate this summer showing that family adventures are not coming to an end anytime soon. 

Boutique hotels, B&Bs, and short-term home rentals are being chosen over city-center hotels. Overpopulated tourist destinations are being exchanged for national parks and small towns and villages. Experiences and adventures are highly sought, such as kayaking, hiking, and ziplining as opposed to staying indoors; there’s been too much of that this year.


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” ― Oscar Wilde


We are definitely looking at the stars here! Our adventure travels have never stopped, and they never will. They may change a little bit here and there, but we relish those opportunities to see new horizons.

The best adventures come from being outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. So if you’re ready for a change-up in the way you vacay, we’ve got your back in both family adventure and in safety. Traveling today is different than it was yesterday, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



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