Taiwan Biking Adventure

  • 11 Days
  • 13 People Max

    1 - 10 guests

  • Activity Level 4
    • Activity Level 4

      Challenge Accepted

      I'll let my trusty guides sweat the small things, so I can focus on my goal. Getting to the top, reaching the end, achieving my dreams! Sure, it'll be tough, but the views will be worth it.

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  • Trip Start: Taipei
  • Trip End: Taipei
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Join an unparalleled cultural experience across the length of Taiwan.

Our eleven-day Taiwan bike tour offers incredibly unique and safe cycling experiences. Take the high-speed train from Taipei at the north end of the island to Kaohsiung City on the sound end. Savor long rides along the beautiful Eastern coast. Test your legs on a challenging climb through Taroko Gorge (one of Asia's most iconic cycling roads). Enjoy days of riding through Taiwan's sparsely populated south and east, filled with national parks, rice paddies, palm trees, aboriginal villages, colorful temples and incredibly friendly people.  

Along the way, stay in fine hotels and feast on amazing local cuisine. Explore night markets. Soak in natural geothermal hot springs. Visit Taiwan's famous National Palace Museum with its huge collection of Chinese art. With two local drivers and a Taiwanese guide plus your Bicycle Adventures guide, you are in for a first-class, ultra-supported adventure. We guarantee an unparalleled cultural and culinary experience, with cycling suitable for all levels of riders. 

Taiwan Biking Adventure ~ Itinerary

Trip Start: Taipei Trip End: Taipei
  • Day 1Welcome, morning ride along the Tamsui River

  • Day 2Bike Yamingshan National Park, between mountains and ocean

  • Day 3Hop on the train to Kaohsiung, bike into Kenting National Park

  • Day 4Visit Duoliang Station, ride onward to Chihpen, soak in the hot springs

  • Day 5Cycle through the wondrous Rift Valley, soak in the mineral springs of Jui-shaing

  • Day 6Ride to Bashian Cave, visit Hualien Sugar Factory

  • Day 7Cycle into Taroko Gorge National Park, explore marble gorges and colorful temples

  • Day 8Free day to explore Taroko National Park

  • Day 9Try one of the most beautiful and challenging uphill climbs in the world, or take it at your own pace

  • Day 10Cycle into the bustling town of Luodong, explore the night market

  • Day 11Shuttle back to Taipei, visit the National Palace Museum and Shifen's old town

  • Day 1

    Welcome, morning ride along the Tamsui River

    Meet us at the airport when your flight arrives this morning. We'll take you to the fabulous Grand Victoria Hotel to freshen up. After brunch, test out your bike on a morning ride along the lovely Tamsui (meaning "freshwater") River. One of the few rivers that flows north to south on the island, the river curves past temples, parks and cultural sights to the old town of Tamsui on the Taiwan Straits. This evening, ascend to the top of Taipei 101, one of the world's tallest skyscrapers. Enjoy a fantastic dinner at Michelin-rated Din Tai Fung, known throughout Asia for serving the world's best dumplings. Stay tonight and tomorrow night at the Grand Victoria Hotel. 

    Grand Victoria Hotel (Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 27.2 miles; +1,039 ft / -1,039 ft

  • Day 2

    Bike Yamingshan National Park, between mountains and ocean

    Today's bike ride begins from at our hotel’s front door and cruises 30 miles through lush foothills, over Yamingshan (Yaming Mountain) and alongside the ocean on the other side. Yamingshan National Park is revered for its cherry blossom trees, hot springs and also for being the island's tallest dormant volcano. After lunch, pedal another 20 miles to finish at Tamsui's Fisherman's Wharf. Explore the shops and take time for some people-watching. Fifty miles isn't enough for you? You can ride another dozen miles back to the Grand Victoria - mostly on bike paths. Or hop in the van for a shuttle back to the hotel. Enjoy a traditional, elegantly served Chinese meal at our hotel. You can even wear your hotel-provided slippers to dinner!

    Grand Victoria Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 48.4 mi;+4186 ft / -4207 ft

  • Day 3

    Hop on the train to Kaohsiung, bike into Kenting National Park

    Board the high-speed train this morning for a speedy ride to Kaohsiung. Stop to visit a temple or two while bicycling south through Taiwan's banana belt into Kenting National Park. Kenting is renowned for its glorious beaches, coral cliffs and tropical climate. After lunch head to the Kenting Chateau Beach Resort, tonight's lodging. Soak up the views from your gorgeous oceanside room. Or go for an afternoon ride along the island's southern tip. Tonight: feast on whatever you wish from the local night market in a town that is famous for great seafood. 

    Kenting Chateau Beach Resort (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Biking: AM Ride: 20.7 mi; +743 ft / -709 ft
    Biking: PM Option: 25.5 mi; +1283 ft / -1282 ft

  • Day 4

    Visit Duoliang Station, ride onward to Chihpen, soak in the hot springs

    Today's ride is hilly, lush and completely memorable. Start off with a cruise along protected bike paths and bike lanes beside the ocean, then head inland through rice fields and past palm trees. Revel in the quiet: you'll see few cars once we leave the coastline. After lunch at an oceanside park, pedal onward to visit Duoliang Station, once Taiwan's most beautiful railway station. The site is now a lovely seaside park with blissful views of mountain, jungle and seashore. Back on the bike, ride onward to Chihpen, a popular hot spring area where canyon gives way to lush jungle and beautiful banyan forest. After a restful soak, enjoy dinner at a local restaurant serving aboriginal cuisine...and then maybe another soak. Lodge at Hoya Hot Springs Resort.

    Hoya Hot Springs Resort (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 78.7 miles ; +5,155 ft / -4,958 ft (or less)

  • Day 5

    Cycle through the wondrous Rift Valley, soak in the mineral springs of Jui-shaing

    Cycle through the wondrous Rift Valley today, pausing to take in views of rice paddies and mountain ranges. Discover Taiwan waxes eloquent about the East Rift Valley: " stretches from Mugua River in Hualien to the north to Taitung City and covers a total of 138,386 hectares, encompassing mountains, valleys, and hot springs, together with fields of rice, daylilies, pomelos, tea, and sugar apples in rich abundance." It's also home to four of Taiwan's indigenous tribes. Finish today's ride with a soak in the mineral springs of Jui-shaing. Lodge at the luxurious and aptly named Silence Manor.

    Silence Manor (Breakfast, Dinner)

    Biking: 67.6 mi; +3214 ft / -2947 ft (or less)

  • Day 6

    Ride to Bashian Cave, visit Hualien Sugar Factory

    Start today with a ride to Bashian Cave, the "Cave of the Eight Immortals." One of Taiwan's geological wonders, the cave dates to the Stone Age and houses a Buddhist temple carved into the side of a cliff. Explore a bit. Then continue riding up the pristine coast and back into the green rift valley to the Hualien Sugar Factory in Guangfu Township. This honest-to-goodness sugar factory was built during the days of Taiwan's occupation by Japan. Tonight, sleep in the Japanese-style sugar factory’s guesthouse. Dinner is a guest favorite, a Japanese-influenced meal offered in a quaint, intimate setting.

    Hualien Sugar Factory's Guesthouse (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 74.6 mi; +5600 ft / -5700 ft (or less)

  • Day 7

    Cycle into Taroko Gorge National Park, explore marble gorges and colorful temples

    Ride through pineapple fields and to the ocean for a seaside lunch before heading inland – and upland – into Taroko Gorge National Park. The most stunning of Taiwan's nine National Parks, Taroko is best known for its marble gorge carved by eons of erosion – and the Taiwan KOM Challenge, part of the Taiwan Cycling Festival held each fall. As you climb, massive stone cliffs rise above, the river rages below. Stop here and there to visit the colorful temples and shrines along the way. Finish at the magnificent Silks Place Taroko. Spend the next two nights here. Perched inside the gorge, this stunning hotel boasts rooftop firepits and pool with hot tubs, fine dining and even a nighttime mountainside light show.

    Silks Place Taroko (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 61.2 mi; +3600 ft / -2500 ft (or less)

  • Day 8

    Free day to explore Taroko National Park

    Cycling in the gorge is just one of today's options. Or hike, explore or just soak up the scenery. Within strolling distance of the fabulous Silks Place Taroko are pagodas, temples, shrines, tunnels carved through mountains, wooden suspension bridges and amazing views in all directions. Prefer to stay at the hotel and relax? Enjoy the luxurious spa and the hotel's other amenities - fire pits, ping pong, amazing food and luxury galore. What's your pleasure?

    Silks Place Taroko (Breakfast, Dinner)

  • Day 9

    Try one of the most beautiful and challenging uphill climbs in the world, or take it at your own pace

    Choose your option for today's ride. Try your legs at a 17% grade and one of the most beautiful and challenging uphill climbs in the world. Or take it at your own pace, exploring along the way and taking plenty of enviable photos. After lunch at the Sacred Tree Cafe, swoosh (mostly) downhill to Lishan, a mountain town surrounding by farms, clouds and sheer rustic beauty. This evening, take part in a optional traditional tea ceremony from a very proud tea farmer. Lodge at Swallow Castle Resort & Hotel.

    Swallow Castle Resort & Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Biking: 48.3 mi; +6900 ft / -4500 ft (or less)

  • Day 10

    Cycle into the bustling town of Luodong, explore the night market

    Spend another amazing day bicycling spectacular roads through palm-fringed farming communities. Finish with a 28-mile downhill-then-flat ride into the bustling town of Luodong. Explore the town's amazing night market, just one block from the Kapok Hotel, where you'll stay tonight.

    Kapok Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Biking: 67.1 mi; +5058 ft / -11536 ft (or less)

  • Day 11

    Shuttle back to Taipei, visit the National Palace Museum and Shifen's old town

    This last morning, shuttle back to Taipei with some unique stops along the way, including the old town of Shifen for hot-air lanterns. Stroll to visit a couple of the sparkling waterfalls for which this area is famous. Then it's on to the National Palace Museum with its permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts, one of the largest of its type in the world. Afterward, you'll have time to pack up your bike (if you brought your own). Enjoy a final celebration dinner before we drop you off at the airport for your late-night flight back home.

    (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Arrival: We recommend arriving in Taipei at least the day before your trip starts. Many guests like to arrive a day or two early to accommodate potential flight delays and/or explore the city prior to your trip start.
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