Value of Having a Local Tour Operating During Yellowstone National Park Flooding

Value of Having a Local Tour Operating During Yellowstone National Park Flooding

Value of Having a Local Tour Operating During Yellowstone National Park Flooding

Between Covid-19, wildfires and now parts of Yellowstone National Park flooding, Austin Adventures is prepared to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

BILLINGS, Montana, June 14, 2022 – If you’ve tuned into the news recently, you’ve probably seen footage of the devastating flooding in and around Yellowstone National Park. As all five entrances to the world’s first national park shut down within a mere matter of hours and all visitors were evacuated out to the surrounding communities, the team at Austin Adventures got down to business doing what it does well: handle a crisis.  

With the Yellowstone River running behind the home of Founder of Austin Adventures, Dan Austin, this hits close to home. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the affected communities, both residents and visitors.” That said, Austin is poised to ensure their guests safety and still deliver an amazing alternative trip experience that they will never forget. “Designing programs in our backyard gives us a significant advantage when things do not go as planned,” says Austin. “Being able to shift to different hotel accommodations, activities and restaurants is a logistical nightmare. A normal, everyday visitor trying to change their plans last minute with limited knowledge of the area, sparse cell service in-park, and no local connections can quite literally experience a waking nightmare when an event of this magnitude hits unexpectedly. Having the ability to lean on long standing relationships with our local partners enables us to smoothly operate on the fly and ensure the best guest experience.” Having boots on the ground is a true advantage and takes the worry out of travel for all our guests. 

With guests’ safety being their number one priority, an established disaster relief team has been in place to handle any situation. It starts with extensive annual training for all their Tour Guides. Their guides are the face of all trips and the stars of the show by bringing the experience to life. Austin recognizes this and invests in them to make sure they are over-prepared for any situation. Internally, there is a team of specialists who handle logistics, and are in constant communication with the guides as well as all suppliers.  

One of their travel advisors, Anna Wakham provided real time feedback in saying, “I have clients traveling in Yellowstone with Austin Adventures this week. They texted me yesterday and said the Austin team was doing an amazing job of keeping them safe and changing the itinerary so quickly. They are only two days into the adventure and said, “I highly recommend Austin.” Thank you for taking such great care of our mutual clients!!!” 

With the start of the summer season, Austin Adventures anticipates they will still be operating trips in Yellowstone for the duration of the summer. With their roots in Montana, they are confident in alternative solutions to ensure guests safety and satisfaction is met. Reach out for additional information about their programs or how they are handling the fluid situation in Yellowstone.  


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