New Zealand Guide

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Timaru and I grew up on a sheep/cattle farm in South Canterbury with my two older brothers. I grew up having many pet lambs and calves every year along with 4 cats at some stage! Think my love for animals and the outdoors came from growing up in this environment and being able to explore on the farm.

What are you hobbies?

My hobbies are hiking and swimming! If there's a beautiful swimming spot ill get in it no matter the temperature or weather. I also love sewing and enjoy up-cycling old clothes into something new!

What has been your greatest outdoor adventure?

My greatest outdoor adventure was walking the Camino De Santiago last summer in Spain. It was an amazing experience were I meet many extraordinary people while getting to see the beautiful diverse countryside of northern Spain.

What did you do before you became a guide?

Lots of different stuff! I was a Massage and Aromatherapist and have worked with the elderly as a dementia caregiver. I have also had experience in hospitality and retail.

Do you have a favourite quote?

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Have you studied beyond school? If so in what?

Yes I have a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, specialising in Massage and Aromatherapy.



“She was also sooooo amazing. Loved her too - so fun and easy and helpful always. Great food that were picture perfect. ”
- Colleen C. (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada), Rimu January 2018

“Astrid absolutely ensures that we had an amazing trip. Not only did she have the most positive. Chillest attitude about everything, but she always made sure thecvan was loaded with everyone’s favorite snacks, she was excellent at reading people and accommodating everyone’s needs. I was so impressed by her amazing attitude and willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate anyone- I certainly could not have done so myself. She cooked us incredible meals and worked magic with the food. She was always on her A-game. Honestly I don’t know when she ever slept. She was always busy taking care of us. Truly, an excellent guide.”
- Tiffany D. (Novato, California, United States), Rimu December 2017

“The best host! This girl deserves a medal! Even after a long day she is more than happy to offer cups of tea and make snacks for everyone, always saying to the group to sit down and relax and she'll bring us over everything we need. Always had a smile and joking and laughing. The type of person who can just get on with everyone and very patient when the group started to get tired. ”
- Jen Mo. (Queenstown, New Zealand), Rimu November 2017