South America Trip Leader

Gustavo was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. But somehow he's known ever since he was a kid that his soul belongs in the countryside. Gus says: "My grandfather was a very enthusiastic hiker of the highest peaks around the Central Andes until his last days, that's why I think my passion for hiking, trekking and the outdoors is in my genes." Gus lived in Sydney, Australia for two years, where he travelled around and met people from all over the world. "I literally lived in a house with guys from five continents. There I learned how rich and unique the human cultures are, but in the end we are all beings trying to discover life! Thanks 'Straya!' " Tavo, as he is also known, found out that meeting different people while hiking and trekking matched the role of being a guide - so here he is!



“Wonderful! Fantastic! Superb! Excellent! They're are no superlatives that don't describe Gustavo. I love him. He was ALWAYS working to make sure everything went well for us. He helped me with my Spanish. He is patient, charming, considerate, funny, sweet, and incredible kind. When my sinus problem kicked up, he spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to help me find Pseudoephedrine. I gave up long before he did, and started to feel guilty because he was far more worried about me than I was!”
- Roni (Sun City West, Arizona, United States), Jaguar June 2018

“Gustavo was awesome!! He was kind, considerate, always aware of everyone and ensured that no one was left out of the mix. Gustavo was fun to be though he also maintained control with an easy going manner. If he didn't know the answer he would always do a followup. I believe Gustavo is a real asset and ambassador to A.A. ”
- Shelly (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), Jaguar September 2018

“Gustavo was great! Always smiling and extremely helpful to all participants! He’s a keeper!!”
- Leland (San Diego, California, United States), Jaguar October 2018