When moving to North Carolina in 1995, Steve started a career as a bicycle retailer. His passion for hospitality, customer care, and being active has served the community well for 25 years. Steve loves to tell stories and share adventures. The outdoor adventure and travel community was the perfect place for career number 2. He is eager to hear your interests, learn about your vision for a vacation of a lifetime, and help make it come to life.


Steve lives by the motto life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you might just miss it. When not guiding you might find him in the backcountry, exploring by bike or foot and in a tent whenever possible. He embraces his inner nerd and loves to be a beginner. His favorite Adventure is the one he hasn’t been on yet.  


What’s your favorite vacation destination?

I love spending time with my family at Lake James, NC for all life’s simple pleasures. There is nothing like, sunrise, morning coffee and gazing over dew on the lake.

What is your favorite historical site, castle, museum, etc.?

Ross Castle, Kilarney Ireland

What is your favorite hike(s)?

Linville Gorge, NC Shortoff Trail, Angels Landing, any hike from Banff to Jasper.

What is your favorite bike ride?

Oh, Gosh too many to list. I love to ride in flip-flops to the grocery store, Race mountain bikes, and tour the Blue Ridge parkways Viaduct. Is there and not a favorite bike ride?

What is your favorite trip to guide and why?

I’m a National Parks Nerd! Too hard to choose, If I had to pick one. its Zion National Park and surrounding areas. Boulder UT, Hells Backbone, Grand Escalante national monument etc.. Any trip when a guest gets caught up in the moment and reflects its the best trip they ever had.

Favorite Movie?

Rudy, Good Will Hunting

Favorite Song?

Paul Simon, Kodachrome

Describe the most amazing experience you’ve had while guiding a trip.

Whenever I'm guiding, I love to watch people transform from self-doubt to self-confidence, from nervous to elated, stressed to completely relaxed. It Never gets old, and yes the toughest part is going home!

When did you first catch the travel bug?

When I was an adolescent we use to travel to Block Island by boat. Being remote and outdoors sparked my interest.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Drinking coffee, before anybody else is up.

What are your hobbies?

Mountain biking, hiking, family time, Ice hockey, kayaking, and traveling.