Will was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies. He spent a large amount of time playing in the mountains with his family growing up and decided to turn his love of adventuring outside with people into a profession. He graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary with an Bachelors of Applied Eco-Tourism and Outdoor Leadership. He is also a proud member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, the Interpretive Guides Association and the Canadian Avalanche Association. Will is also an Instructor for the Outdoor Council of Canada and Paddle Canada. These certifications have allowed him over the past 15 years to build and lead adventure trips for a variety of different guests, who all seem to catch Will's passion for wild places. Will has been lucky enough to guide in some pretty unique places, like past the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island, down under in Australia and all over Western Canada. 


Will currently lives in Golden, British Columbia, (on the west side of the Canadian Rockies), with his wife Allison and sons Henry and James. When he isn’t guiding for Austin Adventures he is hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, canoeing or trying to pass on his love of wild, outdoor places to his sons.

What's your favorite vacation destination?

Do I have to pick just one? I think any place that I get back from and think "I have to go back there!" tops my list. I am currently making plans to re-visit Japan to ski powder, and Central America to scuba dive.

What's your favorite hike?

The Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit in Yoho National Park, because you are up high in the mountains and you circumnavigate this valley with mind-melting mountain scenery

What's your favorite bike trail?

There is a trail in Golden called CBT Mainline, and I like it because if I'm riding Mainline it's because I'm either headed out for some good single track, or I'm coming home from a good ride

Favorite movie?

I'm pretty partial to the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Favorite song?

Child of the Wind by Bruce Cockburn.

Favorite outdoor activity?

In my mind, there is nothing quite like skiing powder. I'm pretty much hooked.

Favorite hobbies?

Woodworking, cooking and baking

When did you get the travel bug?

My father has visited a LOT of places in his lifetime, and he was the one who convinced me that the world is full of really cool places with breathtaking things to go see, thrilling things to go do and wild and crazy people to go meet.