I live in Rome, my wonderful city. I work part-time as a computer programmer, a masseur (particularly with Shiatsu), and as a spinning instructor. I  started working as a Tour Leader with Austin Adventures four years ago and I love it! I use the bike for everything: to get around, to work out, and to see the world. In the past, I did MTB competitions but now just Time Trials. I have traveled extensively in Europe by bicycle: Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Ireland, Scotland, Spain. I’ve even made it to Japan and Taiwan. Training, traveling and music are some of my main interests. By traveling by bicycle I can kill two birds with one stone! In general, everywhere I travel by bicycle becomes a favorite destination!

Destinations I Want to Visit

Sooooooo many! Iceland, USA, Canada, Argentina, China...

What's Your Favorite Bike Ride?

As training, I have different bike rides I do in Abruzzo that I really like. They are peaceful trips through the Apennine Mountains and forests, in particular through an area called La Maiella.

What is Your Favorite Hike?

The best hike I've ever done was in Trentino Alto Aldige, in the Alps. Usually, I go hiking in Abruzzo as it's closer to Rome.

What's Your Favorite Historical Site, Castle, Museum, etc.?

The Dome of Cologne, the Church of Saint Sabina in Roma, the Church of Saint Ignazio and the Pantheon in Rome are all among my favorites.

What's Your Favorite Trip to Guide? Why?

I really like the South Tyrol and the Dolomites tour. Among the custom trips I like Puglia and Veneto. Maybe Puglia a little more because my family comes from there.

What Do You Do that Makes a Guest's Vacation Special?

In general, I love helping people, so during a trip, I will do everything that I can to make people happy.

Describe the Most Amazing Experience You've had While Traveling:

Every trip by bicycle has been, for me, an amazing experience. But cycling at sunset in the deserted mountains of Serbia, biking through the surreal moonscape of North Cape, and riding past Fuji Mountain in Japan are some of my most memorable ones.

Favorite Movie?

Several: La fille sur le ponte, Amelie, Goodbye Lenin, Welcome, ...

Favorite Book?

The Master and Margarita

Favorite Outdoor Activity?


What are Your Hobbies?

Definitely cycling and tennis, traveling, music, and cinema.

When Did You First Catch the Travel Bug?

Although I've been interested in traveling since my first trip abroad to Germany at 15 years old, I didn't really catch the bug until I decided to tag along on a friend's bicycle trip from Rome to North Cape. Actually, I'd wanted to do a much simpler trip my first time out, but decided to buy a ticket and meet him along the way anyway. From then on I was hooked.