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Switzerland Vacation Packages

switzerland vacation

Spectacular trails, winding mountain-pass roads, endless hiking paths, and unbelievable views of the Alps await you on a Switzerland vacation.

An independent, landlocked country, Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, sharing borders with France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany. Despite being in the middle of so many diverse countries, Switzerland has successfully maintained a neutral status against all military conflicts for over 200 years.

Switzerland Vacation Packages


Swiss Alps Adventure


Operated by our sister brand Active Adventures

  • Duration 7 days
  • Activity Level Level 2 
    • Activity Level 2

      On the Move

      Sure, I own some hiking boots, they're even worn in, but they don't go on long trips. I like my creature comforts and I like to give a range of activities a go.

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Let the Swiss Alps charm you as you hike mountaintops with 360-degree views, experience the excitement of a Via Ferrata, bike through the Rhine River valley, and stay in traditional Swiss castles and delightful mountain hotels.

Trip Start: Zurich Trip End: Zurich


Tour du Mont Blanc


  • Duration 12 days
  • Activity Level Level 4 
    • Activity Level 4

      Challenge Accepted

      I'll let my trusty guides sweat the small things, so I can focus on my goal. Getting to the top, reaching the end, achieving my dreams! Sure, it'll be tough, but the views will be worth it.

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Experience Mont Blanc in an unparalleled way – by hiking, biking, and kayaking your way around the massif. You’ll delve deep into the history, culture, and cuisine of France, Italy, and Switzerland with plenty of time to soak in the views.

Trip Start: Geneva Trip End: Geneva


Switzerland Family Vacation

  • Duration 7 days
  • Activity Level Level 2 
    • Activity Level 2

      On the Move

      Sure, I own some hiking boots, they're even worn in, but they don't go on long trips. I like my creature comforts and I like to give a range of activities a go.

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Bask in the glory of some of Europe’s most spectacular mountain scenery on this family-friendly Swiss adventure! Hiking to biking, chocolate tastings to train travel, your family will experience all the Swiss Alps have to offer.

Trip Start: Zurich, Switzerland Trip End: Zurich

What guests say about our Switzerland Vacation Packages

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Tour du Mont Blanc - October 2022

Challenging and Fabulous

"What an adventure the Tour du Mont Blanc trip was for us. My husband… read more

"What an adventure the Tour du Mont Blanc trip was for us. My husband and I had been looking forward to this trip for three years and it did not disappoint. We loved being outdoors and active throughout the trip and found it challenging but fabulous! Our four female guides were top notch, knowledgeable and kept us safe and were fun to be around. Their attention to detail was appreciated along with their after lunch delicious snacks and surprises throughout the trip. We enjoyed the meals and small towns and would have been okay with one more additional day to explore on our own, especially the town of Annecy, France. Having a day to kayak and mountain bike were nice additions to the hiking. Active Adventures from the beginning and throughout the whole process was organized and easy to work with and we would definitely look to take future active adventures with them again. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Maria, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - October 2022

Tour du Mont Blanc

"It was my first time to the alps and I had no idea how beautiful… read more

"It was my first time to the alps and I had no idea how beautiful they would be. The entire trip was picturesque with all the small villages/towns nestled in between the mountains and I could not get over all the glaciers. Just fantastic. It was a thrill when we hiked from France into Italy and then down to Courmayeur. Couldn't get over the change in temperature as we hiked over the pass from Italy into Switzerland. It started snowing and it was mid-September. It was very beautiful and short lived once we started descending.
Courmayeur and Chamonix were my two favorite places! The scenery was breathtaking and I will definitely be back to do more hiking in the alps! read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Jennifer, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - October 2022

Mont Blanc

"Just want to say it was really tough. I was not fit enough for… read more

"Just want to say it was really tough. I was not fit enough for it! But I got there. Our guide Holly from NZ was fantastic. If you can train in the Mountains at least 2-3 days a week you will be fine. We climbed a lot and going down hill was tough, also the uphill. Definitely the toughest thing I have done. I have run Marathons and they were a breeze compared to this. People that I went with were fantastic. I had never met them before and they were from the USA. Fantastic group of people. Thank you for making this trip a memory for life. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Helen, New Zealand

Tour du Mont Blanc - October 2022

Awesome Adventure, highly recommend!

"This trip was outstanding. Guides were very knowledgeable and hotels were centrally located to… read more

"This trip was outstanding. Guides were very knowledgeable and hotels were centrally located to allow seeing the area. read less

4 Stars (112 reviews)

Adam, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - October 2022

Magnificent Mountains and More!

"This is my second Active Adventures trip and I was just as impressed as the… read more

"This is my second Active Adventures trip and I was just as impressed as the first (to the Galapagos Islands). Everything went absolutely perfectly, thanks to the guides, Jean-Marc and Kim. We had 4-5 stellar weather days hiking and kayaking, and a few days of clouds and rain, but it didn't matter! With Jean-Marc's humor and personality, it was always fun. With his expertise, it was always safe and educational. With Kim's laid back demeanor and attentiveness, we felt cared for. It is a strenuous hike: 6-7 hours per day of uphill and downhill, and I loved every second of it! The entire trip was so well organized, I felt that I could relax about the logistics, and let the guides handle all that, while I focused on my hiking. In the evenings, we had dinners together as a group, and the food was great and company wonderful. We had hiking, kayaking, a spa day (in lieu of biking), trip to the Crystal Museum (world class), and a visit to a cheese making factory. Thank you, Active Adventures, for so graciously handling all my changes to the itinerary due to Covid and more, and for being so responsive and polite. Love working with you! This was an A+++ adventure! read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Laurie, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Tour de Mount Blanc 10-21 September 2022

"Amazing trip with so much to like it's difficult to summarize in the allowed space… read more

"Amazing trip with so much to like it's difficult to summarize in the allowed space -scenery, group dynamics, food, accommodations, logistics and professional mountain guides and staff all were superb. Spending 7 days of hiking through spectacular scenery including snow covered mountains, glaciers, forests, and wildlife. Hikes were challenging at times, but Katarina and Julie set an excellent pace so it was all achievable. Katarina provided clear guidance at the start of each day's hike as far as distance, elevation gain/loss and breaks. Julie and Holly were instructive as well as supportive of the group. All 3 provided technical advice on an as-needed basis. All feedback from the fantastic four was constructive and timely. This was my first trip guided by professionals and the positive difference was tangible. Kiki provide excellent support for the group with respect to food and transportation. I enjoyed Kiki's positive enthusiast send-off each morning and seeing her bright cheerful smile at the end of each hike was so uplifting. Food was excellent. The group dined in fine restaurants and the lunch spread provided was out of this world. Accommodations were all top notch - clean, quiet and comfortable. Logistics for all activities were well thought out and clearly communicated (more than once each day!!). A very well run operation with everything going off without a hitch. Credit is due to Katarina, Julie, Kiki and Holly. Job extremely well done. I enjoyed the day of rest which allowed for some down time for exploring and shopping. Laundry done by the hotel (at a minimum cost) in Italy was an excellent perk and much appreciated. I enjoyed the kayaking on the beautiful lake - again a nice break from hiking same to be said about the mountain biking. The guides, Holly and Kiki readily shared their knowledge of the area as well as the history of the towns and impactful pioneers.

A fantastic once in a life time trip made possible by Active Adventures. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Kevin, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

MBT. All the good bits

"I've gone on many backpacking trips and there's always the astonishing vistas, forests, and meadows,… read more

"I've gone on many backpacking trips and there's always the astonishing vistas, forests, and meadows, but generally, there's also a lot of drudgery required between the highlights. Active Adventures gets the balance exactly right on their MBT hike. All the good bits are there, but the long days of of hiking roads, boring trails, etc are gone. High quality planning, great guides, strong logistical support, good food (some great), and the overall effect is perfect trip. Highly recommend. read less

4 Stars (112 reviews)

Scott, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Scenic and physical adventure

"This was an adventure I will always remember. It was a combination of stunning… read more

"This was an adventure I will always remember. It was a combination of stunning beauty and physical challenge that kept me on the edge of my seat. Each day would begin with anticipation and end with a sense of pride that I had accomplished a big goal. I highly recommend it if you are looking to experience the alps in a unique and satisfying way. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

charmaine, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Fun trip, well supported, beautiful venues

"First Active Adventure trip. Holly was a wonderful guide who was very attuned to what… read more

"First Active Adventure trip. Holly was a wonderful guide who was very attuned to what the group of 14 unique individuals needed at all times and did her best to ensure everyone had a good and safe time. The mountain guides were knowledgeable and brought their unique perspectives in the regions and villages we visited. A good mix of activities and intensity. It was cool to complete 60% of the TMB. read less

4 Stars (112 reviews)

Dan, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

A grand adventure

"Extremely well-organized. Great guides. Loved the physically-demanding days, and the rest days! read more

"Extremely well-organized. Great guides. Loved the physically-demanding days, and the rest days! read less

4 Stars (112 reviews)

Russ, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Mt. Blanc

"Trip was excellent. Great team leaders, food good, and accommodations were nice. Suggest… read more

"Trip was excellent. Great team leaders, food good, and accommodations were nice. Suggest trying to get back to the hotel a little earlier. Most days we were back at 4:30 t0 5:00 and only had 1.5 to 1.75 hours till briefing for the next day. Did not allow enough time to see town or relax. Not sure how to do this, but mentioned it to the leaders. Would also put another non-hiking day in if possible (know you are trying to do the circuit). read less

4 Stars (112 reviews)

JOHN, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Amazing Mont Blanc

"It was a so wonderful and exciting trip! I really enjoyed the hiking trip and… read more

"It was a so wonderful and exciting trip! I really enjoyed the hiking trip and did much more than I expected under guiders's help, Melisa and Jennifer. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Lan, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - September 2022

Tour du Mont Blanc

"There was not a detail that was missed!! From the friendly first meeting throughout the… read more

"There was not a detail that was missed!! From the friendly first meeting throughout the trip until the last evening together, Mel, Faby and Suzane, our driver and lunch organizer did not leave out a single detail for what the overall trip was going to be and daily details of what to expect.
Faby’s knowledge of Mont Blanc was truly amazing.. She knew the BEST route to take for the group we had!!
Mel’s knowledge of the mountain and tour was in depth. Knowledge of pace throughout the steep and heat got us through safely. And hot it was!!!
read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

John, United States

Tour du Mont Blanc - August 2022

You should have seen my smart-watch stats!

"I would travel with Active again! This trip was amazing. It most certainly lived up… read more

"I would travel with Active again! This trip was amazing. It most certainly lived up to the ‘active’ and ‘adventurous’ promises. I would highly recommend it for anyone of any age who has sturdy feet, strong knees, good aerobic capacity and enjoys an extended healthy challenge. The Chamonix guides, Jenny and Patricia, and our kiwi guide, Mel, worked brilliantly as a highly cohesive team. They were magnifique! They delivered a well-supported but challenging experience, incorporating mobs of humour, knowledge, passion, energy and conscientious care. I loved the eclectic choice of local family-run accommodation and the awesome daily variety of regional foods. My group of fellow travellers was delightful. An altogether positive experience…and the landscape was mind-blowingly STUNNING! read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Janet, Australia

Tour du Mont Blanc - August 2022


"Fabulous destination with guides and services to match. Elder, Katerina, Flo, Mel and Bernadette made… read more

"Fabulous destination with guides and services to match. Elder, Katerina, Flo, Mel and Bernadette made the tough hikes doable and the everything fun.
We learned a lot about Mont Blanc and about ourselves. We really liked having a couple hours after the activity and before dinner. read less

5 Stars (112 reviews)

Jay, United States

switzerland vacation 2

When is the best time to visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland is September because of minimal crowds and the best climate for adventure and exploring outdoors. Switzerland is incredibly popular during the summer and winter months, but you can avoid crowds if you go in the earlier or later parts of the season, like November, March, June and August. 

switzerland vacation 3

Things to do in Switzerland

While Switzerland is best known for its chocolate, clocks, cows, cheese, cash, majestic mountains, magnificent meadows, Edelweiss, and Heidi, Europe’s most powerful waterfall is also in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Home to 8.6 million people, Switzerland is smaller than the Netherlands, but is twice the size of New Jersey. Switzerland’s landscapes are sensational. Hike, bike, and adventure across Switzerland, which has more than 35,000 miles of well-maintained hiking trails waiting to be explored.

Adventure over 3,500 trails while exploring Switzerland, which is known to have a variety of well-maintained trails throughout the mountains, ranging up to 14,960 feet above sea level. Divided into three regions, the Swiss Alps inhabit the South and fade into the Swiss Plateau, while the Jura mountain range lies along the northwest French border. Known for its majestic mountains and alluring alpine lakes, Switzerland’s climate changes with altitude, but generally is cloudy with cold, rainy, and snowy winters and cool to warm, humid summers with the occasional rain shower.

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Secure Your Spot Now, Pay the Rest Later

As members of the Active Adventures family, Austin Adventures offers booking assurance that allows you to secure your spot with a deposit now and pay the rest later. Plus, if your plans change or you can’t travel, you can transfer your booking or request a refund on any additional funds paid (less deposit) up to 90 days from your original trip start date.  


Meet Your Switzerland Adventure Guides

FAQs About Our Switzerland Vacations

What is the best month to go to Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland is between April and October, though winter sports enthusiasts may prefer December to March. The country has four distinct seasons, each with its own attractions. The spring months of March to May bring Alpine blooms, flowering trees and cows heading out to pasture.

Is 1 week enough for Switzerland?

Switzerland is a small country compared to many of its European neighbors, but you'll still need more than a week to take it all in. If a week is all you've got, our Swiss Alps Adventure is perfect!

How safe is Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the least dangerous countries in Europe and worldwide. The population is generally very wealthy which makes the crime rate relatively low. Of course, there are small issues with pickpocketing and petty theft, but it's nothing tourists need to be afraid of.

Do I need a visa to visit Switzerland?

It is your responsibility stay up to date on the latest visa and entry requirements for your destination. Please use the CIBT entry tracker on our website as a guideline or visit the relevant immigration webpage for more information regarding this.

What about vaccinations in Switzerland?

You don't need any vaccinations for Switzerland. Easy!

Do you recommend buying travel insurance?

As an Active Adventures traveller, It’s essential you take out travel insurance to cover the likes of personal injury, medical expenses, trip cancellation for your travel with us. Please head to our Travel Insurance page for more in-depth information and insurance provider options. It’s also important to check your insurance covers all the activities you’ll be partaking in, in case you’re travelling to altitude or looking at extreme sports.

Can you help me find international flights to Switzerland?

We recommend booking your flights through our preferred travel partner – Fuzion Travel. They’re our experienced hand-picked experts in travel, passionate about what they do, and will tailor-make your flight itinerary to match your Active Adventures tour. Get in touch with them directly by email – active@ fuziontravel.co.nz or on +1-833-244-5886. Let them know your preferred travel plans, including any stopovers or extra nights’ accommodation, and they’ll put everything in place for you. They offer a total travel solution and five star service that you’ll want to tell your friends about!

What's included on your Switzerland trips?

On your Switzerland trip you'll stay in a variety of places depending on the destination and activities. For the most part you'll stay in nice, locally owned, beautiful family run hotels in great locations, with private bathrooms, free wifi, great breakfasts and warm local hospitality.

Your transport will be a mixture of private vehicle, bike and your very own two feet on our trips in Switzerland. You'll spend most time hiking or biking everywhere though! All your transport is included from the start of your trip and we'll drop you at the airport at the end. The details are all listed in the trip specific itineraries.

All your meals are included as described in the itinerary except two lunchs and two dinners. We have found that people enjoy checking out what is on offer by themselves sometimes, so you can go and see what's out there! On every other day and especially after any long hikes, we've chosen places to eat that can cater for our hearty appetites, work well with our small groups (they know we are coming) and provide us with an authentic destination specific culinary experience. There are always options for you, so you can either be brave or choose something more familiar. You can be assured that on all our trips we will make sure you are very well fed, and Europe's vast array of cuisine won't disappoint you!

Trip leaders
Our trips are all led by an experienced Trip Leader alongside a local specialist guide. Our Trip Leaders are very proud to work with Active Adventures and often lead our trips for many years, for which we are very lucky and very grateful, as it means we're able to consistently offer a fantastic level of service. They work closely with our local specialist guides to provide you with a seamless, fun, exciting and memorable trip. They will happily share with you as much or as little as you want to know about the history, culture, social aspects and lifestyle of the country you are visiting.

How many people are there on each of your Switzerland trips?

We generally take up to 18 people per trip, although this can vary, and all our trips have at least two of our guides to look after you (apart from the occasions we have a small group). We have found that our trips tend to attract a particular kind of person and many people have commented that the social scene was one of the highlights of their trip!

What kind of clothing should I be packing?

Once you've booked your trip, you'll have access to a gear list in your portal on exactly what to bring along. The gear list is carefully thought out to provide you with everything you need to be warm and happy, or cool and relaxed, whatever the weather! So it is best to bring everything we recommend along, if you don't bring everything you need, we can't guarantee your comfort.

Do I need hiking boots or are hiking sneakers okay?

If you have good ankles that will be able to cope pretty well with varied terrain, then good hiking shoes or sneakers should be fine, but if not then hiking boots will give you better support.

What is the food like in Switzerland?

Well-known Swiss dishes include raclette and fondue (molten cheese eaten with bread or potatoes), rösti (fried grated potatoes), muesli (an oatmeal breakfast dish) and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (veal and mushrooms on a cream sauce). A typical breakfast in Switzerland includes a bowl of cereal with milk, bread rolls with jam or butter, swiss croissant and coffee, muesli and yogurt or tea. Lunch may be as simple as a sandwich or it could be a complete meal, therefore dinner could then be a full main course or simply bread, cheese and meat. Switzerland is also best known for its milk chocolate, with Swiss chocolate containing more milk than most chocolate, offering a distinctly smooth and creamy flavour and texture you won't find elsewhere!

What if I need a special diet?

We are accustomed to catering to the following special diets:

  • vegan (no meat or animal products)
  • vegetarian (no meat products)
  • fishatarian (vegetarian, and eat fish)
  • no red meat (eat chicken & fish)
  • gluten intolerant (no wheat, rye, barley or oats)
  • lactose intolerant (no dairy products)

You will get the opportunity to specify your particular requirements when you fill in our pre-trip questionnaire. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know well in advance, via email or the online questionnaire.

What is the currency in Switzerland?

The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc CHF.

How much spending money should I bring and where do I get local currencies?

Our trips include all transportation, guiding, meals and activities (except where indicated on the itinerary). Most people like to bring a little extra to cover a round of drinks at the pub, take home some souvenirs, book a tour and eat out on their free day, and tip our guides if they've had a great time. 

Usually the easiest thing to do is use your credit or debit card to withdraw money directly from your home account, in local currency. There are plenty of ATM's and banks in larger towns in Europe, and ATM's will accept all major credit cards and many debit cards. Cash advances are the most convenient way to get cash.

What is the time zone in Switzerland?

For the majority of the summer season Switzerland is in the Central European (CET), which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What type of plugs and voltage do you use in Switzerland?

Switzerland operate on a 220V AC system with Plug Type C which consists of two round parallel pins while the wall plug has two holes where it is connected.

Will I have access to internet/WiFi?

WiFi is available almost everywhere in cities and easy enough to find in most towns/villages so you can rely on having regularly access during your trip. If you have data roaming switched on, then you'll be able to use the internet on your smartphone, but beware of the fees! WiFi is available at most of the accommodations that you'll be staying at, sometimes for a small cost so check this out at each location when you arrive.

What is the weather like in Switzerland?

Switzerland is characterized by cold winters in mountainous areas, and hot summers in plains, along with a lot of precipitation. The climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity. From July to August, the warmest months, the daytime temperature ranges from 18 to 28 °C (65° - 82° F) and in Spring and Autumn, the daytime temperature range is 8 to 15 °C (46° - 59° F). You can have a week of rain as well as a week of cloudless skies almost any time of the year.

What is there to do in Geneva?

You can catch a local train from the airport to the centre of town, and Geneva is right on the shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), so it’s quite lovely to walk around and explore. We recommend a boat cruise of the lake and river, and a walking tour or explore of the Old Town as a starting point. The history of La Vieille Ville, Geneva’s Old Town, can be traced back 2,000 years. It is where you will find many of Geneva’s most interesting attractions and sites like the Barbier-Mueller Museum, the St. Pierre Cathedral (for CHF5 you can go to the top of the cathedral and the views are more than worth it), the International Museum of the Reformation, The Art & History Museum and the Tavel Mansion - it is one of the largest Old Town’s in Europe. The Old Town is built on a hill side south of the Rhone River, and has picturesque narrow meandering cobble stone streets lined with historic grey-stone buildings which now hold boutiques, sidewalk cafes and restaurants. The United Nations is a great place to check out too, and you can get there through the Botanical Gardens, either walking or biking, or catch local buses.

If I book a trip with my children, will I be sharing a room with them?

Active Adventures & Austin Adventures family vacations are naturally about spending time with family and as such, most families opt to share rooms on our trips. At time of booking, families consisting of four guests with children aged 17 and under will be automatically assigned one shared room. However, the following alternative rooming allocations are available:

  • Families consisting of four guests with all children aged 13 and above are welcome to opt for additional rooms as per advertised double occupancy adult rates.
  • Families consisting of four guests with at least one child aged 12 and under are automatically assigned a shared room. However, families can opt to pay the adult rates for all guests in their family to have an additional room.
  • The same principles apply for families consisting of more than four guests.

Rooming preferences are subject to availability and must be communicated in writing at time of booking. Automatic assignments as per this policy will be applied in the absence of any specification provided by guests. Any request for additional rooms during trips will be at the guests’ own expense and subject to rates made available by the accommodation provider at the time. All minors (guests aged 17 and under) must be accompanied by at least one adult.

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Switzerland Stories and Adventure Tips

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