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Patagonia Vacations & Adventure Tours

Patagonia Adventure and Hiking Tours

Unparalleled hiking along the W Trek, the thundering sound of calving glaciers, and striking teal-blue waters await you on our Patagonia vacations.

At the tip of South America, there’s a remote, sparsely populated land of rugged beauty that tops many bucket lists: Patagonia.

Patagonia spans both Chile and Argentina, with the Andes mountains serving as the border. Due to its sheer size, the Argentine side of Patagonia offers more varied regions than the Chilean side, but both offer ample opportunities for adventure. In Chile, you’ll find the iconic W Trek in the stunning Torres del Paine National Park among many other wonders. Across the mountains in Argentina, you’ll want a front row seat at Perito Moreno Glacier to watch for the thundering crack of a calving glacier. And right on the border between the two countries is the iconic jagged peak of Monte Fitz Roy, just begging to fill up your camera roll.

Adventure tours to this region feature plentiful hiking, incredible kayaking, and paths ideal for scenic biking. Discover it for yourself today on our Patagonia adventure vacations!

Patagonia Adventure Vacations

Central & South America

Patagonia Hiking Adventure


  • Duration 8 - 14 days
  • Activity Level Level 3 
    • Activity Level 3

      Earn Your Lunch

      I stay active on vacation and love the feeling of relaxing after a busy day on the go. I season my trips with a little fresh exercise.

    Read more about the Active Range

Find out why everyone raves about the W-Trek and take your own enviable photos of Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre as you hike, bike and kayak Patagonia.

Trip Start: Punta Arenas Trip End: El Calafate

Central & South America

Northern Patagonia Adventure


Operated by our sister brand Active Adventures


  • Duration 14 days
  • Activity Level Level 3 
    • Activity Level 3

      Earn Your Lunch

      I stay active on vacation and love the feeling of relaxing after a busy day on the go. I season my trips with a little fresh exercise.

    Read more about the Active Range

Where there are volcanoes, there's hot springs and this region has no shortage of either! Over 14 days you'll hike a handful of national parks, kayak across fiords and soak up relaxed Patagonian culture.

Trip Start: Bariloche Trip End: Bariloche

What guests are saying about their Patagonia Adventure Vacation

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Patagonia Hiking Adventure - December 2020

Condor in the "Weather Window"

"Our trip was amazing, the weather couldn't have been better. The trip was very… read more

"Our trip was amazing, the weather couldn't have been better. The trip was very thoughtfully put together, all the details were addressed. read less

4 Stars (1175 reviews)

Maggie, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - June 2020

Wonderful, unique experience with a fantastic group of people and the best guides on the planet

"I guess I really didn't know what to expect, as we have travelled to exotic… read more

"I guess I really didn't know what to expect, as we have travelled to exotic places (Zanzibar, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Peru, etc.) and done lots of adventurous things (climbed Kilimanjaro, hiked Huana Picchu, trekked mountain gorillas, etc.) but never been as challenged as on the W Trek!! To put it bluntly, it kicked my butt!! Or I should say, it tried to, but with the gracious and constant support of the other 8 "guests" and our three tremendous and encouraging Active Adventure staff (Alvaro, Andrea and Paulina) I made it!! The hikes for me were very challenging, as I have poor balance and a huge fear of falling down (and for good reason as I have broken my shoulder and my wrist while hiking) so I take my time and am very cautious.

The sights were incredible!!! During these days of Covid stay-at-home, which started shortly after our return home, I often wonder if this was all a dream! If so, it was the best dream one could ever have! Beyond every turn there was another spectacular view!
I enjoyed staying at the refucios, which added to the sense of adventure. But I must admit, by day four I was so happy I could get a massage for my sore legs and toes! (which I have never had before in my life!).

After the W Trek, the rest of the trip was a "piece of cake" but still very active and challenging. I so enjoyed the variety of activities, including the kayaking and the mountain biking!

Best of the trip was the people. We were a group of 11 (ranging in age from 31 to mid-70's) and none of us knew each other before the trip but are now friends! We so enjoyed getting to know our guides also and learn more about their countries and their lives.

In my many adventures, this Patagonia trip was truly special!! read less

4 Stars (1175 reviews)

Catherine, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - May 2020

Terrific Adventure!

"The trip surpassed my hopes! Exceptional guides, a wonderful itenirary that could be flexible to… read more

"The trip surpassed my hopes! Exceptional guides, a wonderful itenirary that could be flexible to our advantage, a great group and food and places to stay... Unexpected fine weather didn't hurt either. We were blessed. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Angela, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - April 2020

Patagonia/Condor - Late December 2019

"I'm not one to write long reviews, but don't take that as any indication that… read more

"I'm not one to write long reviews, but don't take that as any indication that the trip was not fantastic, for it surely was! I think pretty much every aspect of it was great. The guides were fantastic - always prepared, very knowledgeable and experienced, and very personable and outgoing; could not have asked for better guides (Alvaro - love ya', man!). The accommodations were good, especially those where Active had a choice in selecting them (e.g. hotels). In other words, once you are on the W-Trek, Active doesn't have much control over the Refugios. One was so-so and the others were good; none were awful. And the food at all of them was decent and plentiful. Other accommodations were excellent. And of course, the scenery was fantastic. We were lucky and had mostly good weather, other than the famous Patagonian winds, but that just added to the adventure. I am very pleased in my choice to go with Active Adventures, as were those in my group. I would definitely use them again, and have already recommended them to a friend who has recently booked a New Zealand trip with them. I am sure she will not be disappointed! Great company, great guides, great itineraries, and love that they take care of so much of the logistics. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Eric, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - April 2020

Eye-opening adventure!

"An exhilarating, rewarding experience in ALL respects: guides' (both of the main leaders) leadership;… read more

"An exhilarating, rewarding experience in ALL respects: guides' (both of the main leaders) leadership; scenery; unique, satisfying physical challenges; surprisingly good food; clean, high-class accommodations; close camaraderie among fellow travelers; a great learning experience. Both our main leaders, Gustavo overall and Marcello on the "Experience" portion, were excellent guides , with great respect for the group members without being pretentious or inappropriately friendly . They were always responsible and had an excellent knowledge of the natural and cultural environment read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Donald, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - April 2020

Condor 2020 Experience

"With a long history of hiking in Canada and elsewhere, we've seen many breathtaking places,… read more

"With a long history of hiking in Canada and elsewhere, we've seen many breathtaking places, but I must say that our Condor trip in February 2020 exceeded all expectations. The landscape is spectacular, with rugged spires and peaks in all directions and immense glaciers and icefields. We were especially lucky to have clear calm weather almost every day - even the guides stopped to take photos! read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Linda, Canada

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - April 2020

Gary- Condor Trip

"Gustavo was very attentive to the needs and tenor of the group and very accommodating.… read more

"Gustavo was very attentive to the needs and tenor of the group and very accommodating. The trip itself is a very busy trip, especially the first half, but the scenery, collegiality and experiences were better than I could have hoped. We were very fortunate to have no rain and no big winds- making this particular trip outstanding. Great support from New Zealand with reliable and timely responses to questions, very clear and consistent information. Highly recommend the company, the trip and Gustavo read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Gary, Canada

Northern Patagonia Adventure - April 2020

So worth seeing this part of the world

"This was my first trip with AA and I throughly enjoyed it. I loved the… read more

"This was my first trip with AA and I throughly enjoyed it. I loved the fact that all our meals were included! Mayra was great at organizing our daily life, so organized! I felt all the extra guides and van drivers were so pleasant and organized as well. I would take another trip with AA, however not if it were more strenuous than this one. read less

4 Stars (46 reviews)

Julie, United States

Northern Patagonia Adventure - April 2020

Trip 5 with Active Adventures

"Another great trip with Active Adventures. read more

"Another great trip with Active Adventures. read less

5 Stars (46 reviews)

Ron, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - April 2020

Patagonia 2020

"The trip to Patagonia was truly a wonderful experience. The overall vistas were as… read more

"The trip to Patagonia was truly a wonderful experience. The overall vistas were as spectacular as anywhere I have ever been! read less

4 Stars (1175 reviews)

Bob, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - March 2020

"Patagonia is a one of kind place, not to be missed. read more

"Patagonia is a one of kind place, not to be missed. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Mark, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - March 2020

"Our experience with the Condor trip to Patagonia was amazing. I have done a… read more

"Our experience with the Condor trip to Patagonia was amazing. I have done a lot of traveling, mostly planned on my own. This trip was much richer that I could have planned on my own, and am happy for organization and guidance of Active Adventures and the staff. Our trip coordinator was very engaged and knowledgeable and added to the fun and adventure. The local guides were also very helpful and pleasant. We were able to see spectacular scenery in mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls as well as unique wildlife.The food was much better than I expected, we ate a lot of excellent meals. The accommodations were just as they are described: very basic and rustic on the W trek; clean and comfortable with individual charm in other areas, no big sterile hotels. The trip had exactly what I had hoped for a great vacation: great food, camaraderie, fresh air, exercise, wildlife. It is a very rigorous trip and not many people I know would be able to hike the distances we did, but for those that are fit enough, it is a marvelous trip. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Melissa, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - March 2020

Back to back Condor and Puma trips

"This trip included a group of friends, all over the age of 60, with a… read more

"This trip included a group of friends, all over the age of 60, with a variety of fitness levels. The trip was enjoyable for all due to the flexibility in activity levels and number of guides so all could participate every day. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Carol, United States

Northern Patagonia Adventure - March 2020

Puma vs Condor: Do both!

"Wow! What a difference. I was glad that I had the opportunity to do these,… read more

"Wow! What a difference. I was glad that I had the opportunity to do these, especially back to back. The south was cooler and more dry and the north was warmer, "greener", and lusher. If you have the time to do both please do as you will be impressed by both . read less

5 Stars (46 reviews)

Carol, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - March 2020

Magnificent Southern Patagonia

"This was our fourth Active Adventures trip, the second to South America, and it was… read more

"This was our fourth Active Adventures trip, the second to South America, and it was followed immediately by our fifth (we did the Condor and Puma back to back). We originally signed up for the base Condor trip, including the ‘W’ trek, with another couple (ages 64 to 70). However, we did so with trepidation-hiking was one thing but hauling 60 liter packs for 4-5 days was a concern. Some 6 months prior to departure we were contacted by AA about a new option, the ‘W’ Experience replacing the Trek with 4 nights in a refugio in Serrano (immediately adjacent to Torres del Paine National Park) and day hikes in the park. We signed up for that immediately and within days an additional 2 couples joined us. My understanding is we were only the second or third group to do the Experience. Regarding the ‘W’ Experience vs. the ‘W’ Trek- the Experience remains a very active and challenging undertaking but one more conducive to accommodating hikers of various levels of fitness. We thoroughly enjoyed the hikes and we thoroughly enjoyed returning to our refugio nightly for drinks, outstanding food and camaraderie. I do not feel our appreciation of the wonders of Torres del Paine was lessened in any way with this alternative. It was the right choice for us and it remains a very “active” undertaking. It did help that we had unusually good weather! After Torres del Paine we rejoined with our intrepid ‘W’ Trek trip mates (6 did the Trek) to continue on to Argentina to visit Glacier National Park, El Chalten, etc. Good weather followed us and we had stunning views of the peaks around El Chalten and had a wonderful day viewing Perito Moreno glacier which was far more interesting than I thought it would be. Multiple clear days led to incredible views of Fitz Roy and surrounding peaks with a variety of hikes (and one bike ride) out of El Chalten. We had a spectrum of hiking capabilities in the group and our trip leader ensured we had sufficient local guide support so those who wished to be challenged were, and those who needed something less aggressive were accommodated.
We found southern Patagonia to be awe inspiring. Words and pictures cannot adequately describe the magnificence of the peaks and glaciers, the wildlife (plenty of condors!), the desolation of the steppes and the general wonder of the place. Active Adventures did a terrific job with the logistics (lodging, transport, food, etc.) but I think the core of their success lies with the excellence of their tour leaders (Zacarias on this trip) and the quality of the local guides they employ. We knew Zac from a trip to Peru in 2016. He is an elite tour leader and a wonderful person and he outdid himself on our trip, his last of the season. Highly recommend the Condor and if concerned about committing to the ‘W’ Trek, consider the Experience as an alternative. At the end of the trip, four of us headed from Calafate to Bariloche to start the Puma in northern Patagonia for yet more adventures. read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Jim, United States

Patagonia Hiking Adventure - March 2020

Patagonia with Zac

"Stunning scenery, challenging hikes, great accommodations. This was my first guided trip and I was… read more

"Stunning scenery, challenging hikes, great accommodations. This was my first guided trip and I was very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and positivity of all of the guides. Zac was very good at keeping our group of 14 happy, healthy, and on track for 14 days. Great sense of humor, extensive knowledge of the area and all round lovely guy! read less

5 Stars (1175 reviews)

Ann, United States

Patagonia hiking

When is the best time to visit Patagonia?

The prime season in Patagonia is October-March when average daytime highs range from 65 degrees F in the sun to the low 40s in the shadier spots. Night temperatures are typically in the mid to upper 30s, but occasionally dip into the 20s.

The weather is extremely erratic in Patagonia. It varies from warm sunshine to drizzle, to rain and/or sleet in a matter of minutes and returning to sunshine just as quickly. Wind is a constant factor, ranging from strong breezes of 15-20 mph to gale forces up to 60 mph. Clothing must be appropriate, adaptable outdoor gear.

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Secure Your Spot Now, Pay the Rest Later

As members of the Active Adventures family, Austin Adventures offers booking assurance that allows you to secure your spot with a deposit now and pay the rest later. Plus, if your plans change or you can’t travel, you can transfer your booking or request a refund on any additional funds paid (less deposit) up to 90 days from your original trip start date.  


FAQs about visiting Patagonia

Is Patagonia a safe place to travel?

While Chile & Argentina are both pretty safe places, we recommend taking the same precautions you would anywhere else - just to be on the safe side! Pickpockets occasionally operate in areas where visitors are found so we suggest you leave any valuables you don’t need with you in the hotel safe (e.g. passports and credit cards). A copy of your passport and any valuables you do need with you should be kept in a passport wallet under your clothes and a small amount of money in your pocket/purse. It’s also a good idea to take a taxi after dark rather than walk.

What are the top things to do in Patagonia?

In the extreme south, the scenery of southern Patagonia doesn't get more dramatic than this - with spectacular vertical granite peaks, immense rivers of ice, wind-swept plains and native beech forest. The Andes of southern Patagonia are covered by the most extensive area of glaciers outside the world's polar regions. The main attractions of this region include the beautiful scenery of the Laguna de los Cisnes and Cueva del Milodón Natural Monuments and the Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks, home of the Perito Moreno Glacier and world-famous W-Trek Hike.

The Araucanía and Lakes District is the northernmost region of Patagonia, and is characterised by fertile green farmlands, snow-crowned volcanoes, forest and of course, dozens of beautiful deep blue lakes. Small and major volcanic eruptions are quite common in this area, with two major eruptions in 2008 - Llaima volcano in January and Chaiten volcano in May.

What is the W-Trek terrain like?

The four-day W-trek through Torres del Paine National Park will definitely be one of the most memorable aspects of your trip! This amazing trek will take you past sheer granite peaks, snow-clad mountains, glacial lakes and through thick Magellanic forest. While it might be a bit of a challenge, the rewards are well and truly worth it! The trek is close to sea level, so you won’t be dealing with any altitude factors.

The trails are very well maintained so finding your way is never a problem. If you’ve not done a multi-day trek before and would like some expert advice on how to prepare for one, get in touch!

Is hiking in Patagonia difficult?

As long as you enjoy hiking, you'll love these trails - you'll be hiking about eight miles a day, but there's no rush, you can take it at your own pace. In fact, the slower the better I say, as that way you get plenty of time not only to enjoy your surroundings, but let your body acclimatise to the altitude as well.

We recommend doing plenty of practice before you arrive, as the fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy your experience. We suggest you try and get out 3-4 times a week and go out walking. If you have access to some walking trails that go over hills then go and explore, and if you live in a city and don't - then simply walking round the park and up and down stairs (such as in a high-rise instead of using the elevator) works wonders too.

That said our trips are designed for regular active people, so you don’t need to be a triathlete or anything - though if you are you won’t be bored!

Do I need a visa to visit Patagonia?

It is your responsibility stay up to date on the latest visa and entry requirements for your destination. Please use the CIBT entry tracker on our website as a guideline or visit the relevant immigration webpage for more information regarding this.

What about vaccinations in Patagonia?

For travel to Chile & Argentina we recommend getting vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid at least two months before your trip starts. For the most up-to-date recommendations please check with your doctor or travel clinic, and always go with their recommendations, as these can often change. There are no official vaccination requirements for entry, however if you’re entering from a country that is considered to be at risk from Yellow Fever, or when you go home afterwards, you may be required to show a certificate of vaccination (obtained from your doctor prior to travel).

Where do you fly into Patagonia?

The most direct international routes to and from Punta Arenas, Bariloche and El Calafate, are via national capitals Santiago and Buenos Aires. We recommend booking your domestic connections within Argentina and Chile as part of your international fare. It’s more economical that way, and can make life a bit easier if your international flight is delayed. There are a couple of airlines available for getting between Santiago & Punta Arenas, or El Calafate and Bariloche & Buenos Aires. Latam Chile (www.latam.com) departs several times a day and Sky Airline (www.skyairlinechile.com) offer a couple of flights a day.

Can you help me find flights to Patagonia?

We recommend booking your flights through our preferred travel partner – Fuzion Travel. They’re our experienced hand-picked experts in travel, passionate about what they do, and will tailor-make your flight itinerary to match your Active Adventures tour.
Get in touch with them directly by email – active@fuziontravel.co.nz or on 1 800 TRAVEL. Let them know your preferred travel plans, including any stopovers or extra nights’ accommodation, and they’ll put everything in place for you. They offer a total travel solution and five-star service that you’ll want to tell your friends about!

What are the reciprocity fees in Chile?

The Chilean Government has a reciprocal agreement with Australia so for Australian passport holders, you’ll need to pay US$117 on arrival. This must be paid in cash on arrival into Santiago airport, and the one-time fee is good for the
life of a travelers’ passport. You may pay this fee at the airport counter (to the left of Customs) via credit card or US$ cash. There is no fee charged if you’re arriving into Chile by any other means, and holders of other passports aren’t charged anything, in accordance with their agreements. You’re issued with your immigration arrivals receipt on arrival. It’s really important to keep this safe as you’ll need it when you depart Chile. Failure to submit this card upon departure may result in delays until a replacement is obtained.

What's included on your Patagonia trips?


Down in Patagonia you'll lay your head each night in hotels, lodges and the famous 'refugios' in the National Parks. While these may sound basic they have incredible facilities (including electricity), the views are out of this world, they have restaurants and you'll meet an incredible array of people that have travelled from far and wide to visit the bottom of the world.


Your transport will be a mixture of bus, plane, boat, bike and your very own two feet on our trips in South America. All your transport is included from the start of your trip and we'll drop you at the airport at the end. The details are all listed in the trip specific itineraries.


All your meals are included as described in the itinerary except on your free days. We have found that people enjoy checking out what is on offer by themselves sometimes, so you can go and see what's out there! On every other day and especially after any long hikes, we've chosen places to eat that can cater for our hearty appetites, work well with our small groups (they know we are coming) and provide us with an authentic destination specific culinary experience. There are always options for you, so you can either be brave or choose something more familiar. You can be assured that on all our trips we will make sure you are very well fed.

Trip leaders

Our trips are all led by an experienced Trip Leader. Our Trip Leaders are very proud to work with Active Adventures and often lead our trips for many years, for which we are very lucky and very grateful as it means we're able to consistently offer a fantastic level of service. They work closely with our local specialist guides to provide you with a seamless, fun, exciting and memorable trip. They will happily share with you as much or as little as you want to know about the history, culture, social aspects and lifestyle of the country you are visiting. 

Do I need Hiking boots or are hiking sneakers okay?

You will need proper hiking boots - trail shoes are not good enough. We'll be taking you to some awesome places where you'll be hiking over a variety of terrain, therefore your boots should have full ankle support and a stiff sole with a high profile tread. It's also important that whichever footwear you decide to bring that it's well broken-in and waterproofed before you come down. If you have good ankles that will be able to cope pretty well with varied terrain, then good hiking shoes should be fine, but if not then hiking boots will give you better support.

What kind of clothing should I be packing?

Once you've booked your trip, you'll have access to a gear list in your portal on exactly what to bring along. The gear list is carefully thought out to provide you with everything you need to be warm and happy, or cool and relaxed, whatever the weather! So it is best to bring everything we recommend along, if you don't bring everything you need, we can't guarantee your comfort.

Can I drink the water in Patagonia?

Tap water in Chile & Argentina is not safe to drink, or brush your teeth in, so you’ll need to use filtered water instead, which we’ll provide, and treat ice and salads with caution. You can also use hand sanitiser, iodine or water purification tablets if you prefer. Active Adventures is promoting ‘Travellers Against Plastic’ pledge, so to reduce single use plastic we encourage you to bring a durable water bottle to refill instead of purchasing bottled water.

What is the food like in Patagonia?

While Patagonian cuisine isn’t particularly spicy or adventurous, it makes up for any lack through the sheer abundance and variety of produce, seafood, wine and meats - especially beef.

Vegetarians should ask for un plato vegetarian (a vegetarian dish) or try saying ‘soy vegetariano/a’ (I’m a vegetarian) just to be on the safe side. Vegan choices may be limited but we’ll do our best to help find things you may like. Fruit is very limited due to our locations and not always available, and breakfast meals are usually quite basic.

Dinner meals are often very late in the evening too as per the local customs.

Vegan and Gluten-free Dietary supplements – If you’re gluten-free or vegan, please bring some of your own protein bars or protein shakes with you, to get enough protein during the 4-days and nights we spend hiking the W-trek. The only bars we have in South America are cereal and sugar-based, and offer very little protein. Being gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian is not common in South America, so sometimes the veggie option at the 4 Refugio’s could just be grilled vegetables and rice, and it’s hard to hike the next day just with a simple meal like that. 

What if I need a special diet?

We are accustomed to catering to the following special diets:

  • vegan (no meat or animal products)
  • vegetarian (no meat products)
  • fishatarian (vegetarian, and eat fish)
  • no red meat (eat chicken & fish)
  • gluten intolerant (no wheat, rye, barley or oats)
  • lactose intolerant (no dairy products)

You will get the opportunity to specify your particular requirements when you fill in our pre-trip questionnaire. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know well in advance, via email or the online questionnaire.

What is the currency in Patagonia?

Chile’s currency is the Chilean peso (CLP) and Argentina’s currency is the Argentinean peso (ARS), however both countries use the dollar symbol ($) to show prices in their local currency.

How much spending money should I bring and where do I get local currencies?

Your trip fare includes all transportation, guiding, meals and activities (except any optional activities). Most people like to bring a little extra to cover a round of drinks at the pub, take home some souvenirs, book a tour and eat out on their free day, and tip our guides if they've had a great time. 

ATM’s are available in most towns in Patagonia, although the ones in smaller towns are less reliable – for example it’s hard to get money out of ATM’s in El Chalten and El Calafate, especially in peak season and most ATM’s have a limit of US$200 per withdrawal also. 

Visa and MasterCard are most widely used except in Llancahue (Northern Patagonia) where they’ll not take Visa, although AMEX may also be accepted

Will the altitude affect me in Patagonia?

Altitude isn’t really a factor in Patagonia as we only get up to around 1,100 metres (3,600 feet).

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Spanish is the main language of Chile & Argentina. English is spoken in some hotels, airports and tourist areas but not everywhere. A little would be helpful, especially on arrival and for ordering food in restaurants, but it's certainly not required. Our trip leaders are all fluent Spanish speakers so if you don't have time to learn a little Spanish before arrival you don't have to worry... they will take care of everything.

What time zone is Patagonia in?

Chile & Argentina are in the Chile/Argentina Standard Time. It is -3 hours behind of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What type of plugs and voltage do you use in Patagonia?

Electricity is available in most places in Patagonia – even in the Refugio’s on the W-Trek. Chile & Argentina both operate on a 220V AC system, and Chile uses Type C while Argentina uses Type I.

Will I have access to internet/WiFi?

WiFi is available almost everywhere in cities and easy enough to find in most towns/villages so you can rely on having regular access during your trip. If you have data roaming switched on, then you'll be able to use the internet on your smartphone, but beware of the fees! WiFi is available at some of the accommodations that you'll be staying at, usually for a small cost so check this out at each location when you arrive, though it may be sporadic. There's no WiFi along the W-Trek Hike and cellphone coverage will be minimal.

What is the weather like in Patagonia?

Patagonia’s seasons mirror those of the Southern Hemisphere, so the best time to visit is in the summer between November and April. Late December to early March marks the Patagonian summer. Daytime temperature ranges from 70-80°F (21-26°C) in the sun. Night time temperatures in Punta Arenas range in the 40’s F (4-7°C) and on the trek can dip into the 30’s F (-1°C).
Please note tempestuous weather is normal for this region in any season. With Patagonia so near to the southern Patagonian ice cap and two big oceans, you’ll likely see rain, wind, a bit of snow, cold and hot weather

What books could I read to learn more about Patagonia?

  • In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin - one of the most beloved travelogues of all time
  • Across Patagonia by Lady Florence Dixie - written by one of Torres del Paine's first tourists, an English society woman, who visited Chile between 1878 and 1879
  • Idle Days in Patagonia by W.H. Hudson - written by an Argentinian author of his yearlong adventure in Patagonia
  • Enduring Patagonia by Gregory Crouch - a more recent depiction of the authors seven challenging and rewarding expeditions to Patagonia
  • My Invented Country: A Memoir by Isabel Allende - written by one of Chile's modern literary stars, great for travelers wanting to know more about Chilean culture and homelife from a true local perspective
  • A Line Across The Sky - a great film from the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour following Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold and their attempt to complete the Fitz Roy traverse

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