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Peru Vacations

A woman enjoys her Peru Adventure Tour with our local guides

Embark on a journey filled with history, natural beauty, and heart-pumping adventure! Hike and bike among Inca history on our Peru adventure vacations.

Peru is a land begging to be explored. Experience ancient history and current culture as you explore Peru’s Land of the Inca by foot, bike, and boat. Ponder how this Incan civilization was built as you admire the ruins of a stone empire made entirely by hand. Peru adventure vacations will fill you with wonder.

Peru Vacation Packages

Central & South America

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure


Operated by our sister brand Active Adventures


  • Duration 10 days
  • Activity Level Level 4 
    • Activity Level 4

      Challenge Accepted

      I'll let my trusty guides sweat the small things, so I can focus on my goal. Getting to the top, reaching the end, achieving my dreams! Sure, it'll be tough, but the views will be worth it.

    Read more about the Active Range

Hike in the footsteps of the Incas to Machu Picchu via the Classic Inca or Lares Trail, cycle through Andean villages and explore the Amazon jungle.

Trip Start: Cuzco Trip End: Cuzco

Central & South America

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure


  • Duration 13 days
  • Activity Level Level 3 
    • Activity Level 3

      Earn Your Lunch

      I stay active on vacation and love the feeling of relaxing after a busy day on the go. I season my trips with a little fresh exercise.

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Explore Machu Picchu and other parts of Peru before jumping on a flight to the Galapagos Islands to swim with turtles and hike volcanoes.

Trip Start: Cuzco Trip End: Quito

Central & South America

Classic Machu Picchu Adventure


Operated by our sister brand Active Adventures

  • Duration 6 days
  • Activity Level Level 3 
    • Activity Level 3

      Earn Your Lunch

      I stay active on vacation and love the feeling of relaxing after a busy day on the go. I season my trips with a little fresh exercise.

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Starting in Cuzco, you'll cycle into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hike the Huchuy Qosqo Trail, visit Pisac market, and spend a full morning exploring the famous citadel of Machu Picchu, including a chance to hike to the Sun Gate.

Trip Start: Cusco Trip End: Cusco

What our guests say about their Peru Vacation Packages

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Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - May 2022

Amazing trip with great guides

"I had a great time on the Jaguar trip - our guides were friendly, knowledgeable,… read more

"I had a great time on the Jaguar trip - our guides were friendly, knowledgeable, organized, and always helpful. Our porters and camp staff also were friendly and highly competent. The sites chosen by the guides for us to visit were always interesting, and the guides were able to provide great information about them. The information provided to us by Active Adventures was helpful and comprehensive - my only comments regarding the pre-trip information would be to update the materials to clarify that guests need a small day pack for biking and day hikes AND a 30L plus hiking bag for the Inca trail, and the pre-trip information could have included information about tipping for the porters and guides. While it is sensible that the company would not want to pressure guests into tipping a certain amount, everyone in my group had a wonderful time and genuinely wanted to show appreciation to our porters and guides. It would have been helpful to know how much cash we should have with us when departing on the trail to be able to tip each individual adequately, as well as information about when in the trip we would have an opportunity to tip both porters and guides. read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Amy, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - February 2022

Amazing Trip of a Lifetime!

"Our Jaguar Trip to Peru was outstanding in every respect. Our guides combined competence… read more

"Our Jaguar Trip to Peru was outstanding in every respect. Our guides combined competence with good cheer and flexibility. They shared interesting information about the sites while simultaneously adjusting activity levels as needed for each individual in our group. The entire experience was fabulous, from learning about other cultures and micro-climates to the accommodations to the quality and quantity of food. Active Adventures puts on a first class trip and I can't wait to go on another with them. Highly recommend! read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Marjorie, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - February 2022

Fascinating Peru

"It was a fascinating cultural experience and a well organized trip. Thank you. read more

"It was a fascinating cultural experience and a well organized trip. Thank you. read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Tom, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - December 2021

A life changing experience

"Every step of the way Active Adventures exceeded my expectations. Our guide (Wilson) was one… read more

"Every step of the way Active Adventures exceeded my expectations. Our guide (Wilson) was one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people I have met. At any time you could point at a place and he would tell you everything you wanted to know and then some. He went out of his way to make sure he formed a personal relationship with each person throughout the trip. And by the time the trip was over, you felt like you were leaving family. The guide was not the only person doing a great job though, in the jungle we were taken care of by many of the great people working at the lodge in the rain forest. Yuri was our main forest guide and was obviously very qualified and intelligent. I would also like to mention that Edgar the chef that cooked for us most of the trip prepared some of the best food I have ever tasted and could make anything taste good! Just a great time! read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Zachery, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - December 2021

Jaguar Trip

"All I can say is amazing!! This was my second time to do the… read more

"All I can say is amazing!! This was my second time to do the Jaguar Trip and the last time was so great that I didn't think it could get better, but I was very pleasantly surprised that it did get better. The arrangements, the organization and the guide were great! Not a complaint one. Our guide Wilson, was such a great guy! He was so friendly, so easy to deal with, well organized and so incredibly knowledgeable! He really went out of his way to make sure we were doing good and enjoying ourselves. He even made sure we got the pictures we wanted and was great at suggesting pictures that would create amazing memories. The last time I went to Peru it was alone, but this time I was accompanied by my wife and son, and it was such an incredible experience for them to experience. Wilson interacted with my wife and especially my son as though he were family. In fact, when we parted it felt like family parting to all of us! read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

John, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - October 2021

Happy to be traveling again with Active Adventures!

"After the cancellation of our EBC trip twice due to the pandemic, my partner and… read more

"After the cancellation of our EBC trip twice due to the pandemic, my partner and I decided to try the South American Jaguar trip to Peru. What an incredible experience! After 4 days of a challenging hike through the mountains, reaching the Sun Gate to look down on Machu Picchu was thrilling and gratifying. Then a trip to the Amazon Jungle! Our guides were attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this trip! read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Elizabeth, United States

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - August 2021


"This trip was wonderful, amazing, spectacular, inspirational. Active adventures made everything so easy for me.… read more

"This trip was wonderful, amazing, spectacular, inspirational. Active adventures made everything so easy for me. All I had to do was fully enjoy every aspect of this exceptional trip. The wildlife was incredible. The guides were so knowledgeable and personable. I had so much fun, and I am very grateful to have had this experience. The Galapagos is an incredible place. read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Dana, United States

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - February 2020

Active Adventures - you did it again

"The Iguana trip with Active was my fourth one with the company. I keep coming… read more

"The Iguana trip with Active was my fourth one with the company. I keep coming back as this trip like the others gave me a wonderful experience I will remember for many years. Peru and the Galapagos Islands were wonderful and unique in their own way. Wilson our guide in Peru was amazing and made our trip enjoyable. The local team in Galapagos Island was so resourceful, solving any issue - without us even noticing. I highly recommend anyone to take the Iguana trip - you will not regret it read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Yoram, Israel

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - January 2020


"Everything about this trip made it a magical adventure … the people - those in… read more

"Everything about this trip made it a magical adventure … the people - those in our group and those we met along the way, the scenery, the food, the activities, and, of course, our guides! The combination of a week in each location was perfect. I have memories I will cherish forever! read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Janet, United States

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - January 2020

Iguana 2020

"Our trip to Peru and Galapagos was absolutely spectacular. Active Adventures didn't miss a… read more

"Our trip to Peru and Galapagos was absolutely spectacular. Active Adventures didn't miss a detail and their primary objective was to make us happy and safe in everything we did. Our family of four - my husband and me, and our two college-age kids, loved all the activity which included hiking, biking, kayaking, scuba, and snorkeling. We started every day early in the morning and didn't end until well after 8:00 pm. The trip also included planes, trains and automobiles that was much like the movie of that name, but no reason to dwell on that. I felt like we got to be with the local culture and were immersed in our South American environment. Our group was also fantastic and will hopefully travel again with our new friends. read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Amy, United States

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - November 2019

Our Second Great Adventure

"We travelled with Active Adventures on the Rimu New Zealand trip. When considering a… read more

"We travelled with Active Adventures on the Rimu New Zealand trip. When considering a company to book with we looked at Active Adventures. The Iguana trip seemed to go to all the places we wanted to see in Peru and Ecuador, we were right it was the right company. read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Lesley, Canada

Ultimate Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands Adventure - November 2019

Iguana 2019

"Great trip. Loved the pace of the trip. Enjoyed doing all the activities biking, hiking… read more

"Great trip. Loved the pace of the trip. Enjoyed doing all the activities biking, hiking and snorkeling. read less

5 Stars (120 reviews)

Georgia, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - November 2019


"I booked this trip with my son to do something diferente never in a million… read more

"I booked this trip with my son to do something diferente never in a million years I experience a beautiful life change trip read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Ana, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - November 2019


"Life changing trip I never know the world could be so beautiful read more

"Life changing trip I never know the world could be so beautiful read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Christian, United States

Machu Picchu & Amazon Adventure - November 2019

Inca trail

"The most amazing experience! read more

"The most amazing experience! read less

5 Stars (2056 reviews)

Lara, United States

Best time to visit Machu Picchu

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Peru?

Basically there are two seasons in Peru; wet and dry. In addition the seasons are divided into three distinct regions. The coastal region; the highlands region and Rainforest region. The high season in Peru coincides with the driest months of the year; making May to October the best time to visit Peru if you're looking for pleasant hiking weather.


There are two defined seasons in Peru. May to October is dry season with April to November being rainy season. In the highlands the four wettest months of the year are January to early April. Roads are nearly impassable because of the sheer volumes of mud. The climate in the three regions is very different during the same times of the year. For example in February in the mountains you can have rain and on the coast you can have nice summer days.

Seasons of the Coastal Region

In the north of the coastal region its warm all year round. Temperatures can average a high of 95 degrees in the summer months. In the central and southern areas of the coastal region there are two definite seasons, winter from April to October and summer from November to March.

Seasons of the Highlands Region

The highlands region again has two distinct seasons. Summer is dry from April to October. Winter is accompanied by sunshine and rains from November to March.

Seasons of the Rainforest Region

There are two types of rainforest in Peru. High rainforest (elevations greater than 2300 ft.) is temperate, subtropical with little variance of weather patterns in the course of the year and massive amounts of annual rainfall. In the lower rainforest (elevations under 2300 ft.) you will experience a summer season April to October (sunny and hot) and from November to March winter comes to the Amazon with its companion “seasonal downpours.”

Peru Tours

How to Prepare for a Peru Vacation

Combatting altitude challenges.

The altitude on a Machu Picchu trip is significant. Coca tea or mate de coca has long been used in South America for medicinal purposes. Coca tea helps with indigestion and altitude sickness. If you don’t like to drink the tea you can go to the market and purchase it in alternate forms of lozenges, gum, and taffy. You can also ask your physician before you go how they recommend you handle the altitude if you are sensitive to it.

Explore Lima

Lima is comprised of 143 “neighborhoods” most popular with international visitors are Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro.

Local Currency

The official currency of Peru is Soles. It is ok to make purchases using USD, please make sure that the bills are in good condition and not tattered or torn.

Inca Trail Permits

If you are planning a trip to Peru that includes hiking the Inca Trail, plan your trip at least 6-9 months in advance. The Peruvian government only allows 500 people per day on the trail. Once the 500 tickets are sold there are no more tickets issued. Tickets cannot be transferred or sold to another individual.

FAQs about visiting Peru

When is the best time to visit Machu Picchu?

The best time to visit Machu Picchu is the months of May and October. On either side of the main tourist season of June through August, you'll have quieter trails, yet the weather is ideal for trekking the Inca Trail with plenty of clear, beautiful days.

Will I need a porter on the Inca trail?

Our porters will carry up to 8kg (17 pounds) of your gear included in your trip fare. They will also carry your group gear, like your tents and food, and this is included in your total amount of your trip.

At the beginning of the Inca trail you'll pass through the official start gate where your tickets will be checked against your passports (your guide will take care of this for you) to allow you to access the trail. Going through a different gate, all the porters will weigh in with their luggage, which ensures that the agreed weights are adhered to.

What is the difference between the Inca and Lares Trail?

There are two hikes to choose from on our trip in Peru. There’s the Classic Inca Trail or the Lares Inca Trail, each with unique features and both absolutely incredible! The Classic Inca Trail is a four day hike, which finishes at Machu Picchu on the fourth morning. The last morning is a real highlight - you'll leave your camp at first light and hike for about an hour to the 'sun gate' (or 'inti punku' as it was called by the Incas) to watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu. It's absolutely spectacular and a fantastic way to wrap up the hike - the moment when you first get to see it can be quite overwhelming!

The other option is the Lares Inca Trail, an amazing Inca track which will provide you with an incredible cultural experience as you make your way to Machu Picchu - you'll pass through a number of native highland villages that have very little contact with the outside world, so it’s always a fantastic experience for everyone involved. You'll find far fewer people on this track than on the Classic Route and we quite often have it virtually to ourselves. There are no crowded campsites or queues of people heading up the path, and you can almost feel the presence of the Incas as you make your way along their mountain trails. If you’d like to discuss the options please get in touch.

"We had no idea that the Lares Trail wouldn't have many more people on it... We were completely thrilled that we had chosen this trail based on the information that we'd see more of the local way of life, etc. The amazing icing on the cake was that we were all by ourselves on that trail. That made our trip very, very special. The solitude might be worth mentioning in the literature. It would have helped me know for sure that this was the trail I wanted to take." Sandra Fields (Portales, New Mexico, United States)

How fit do I need to be to hike in Peru?

Typically, hikes on this trip range between three and six hours to complete, with longer hikes on the Inca trails. So get out there with a daypack on and train so you’ll be ready to join us! While you don’t have to be extremely fit, you should be in the habit of doing regular aerobic exercise, ideally involving some up hills and down hills and carrying a pack! With a little preparation before your trip begins, you’ll enjoy the active and outdoor nature of your trip all the more. 

Please head to our Fitness Guide for great tips on how to prepare along with a workout plan!

Is Peru Safe to Visit?

While Peru is a pretty safe place, we recommend taking the same precautions you would anywhere else - just to be on the safe side! Pickpockets occasionally operate in areas where visitors are found so we suggest you leave any valuables you don’t need with you in the hotel safe (e.g. passports and credit cards). A copy of your passport and any valuables you do need with you should be kept in a passport wallet under your clothes and a small amount of money in your pocket/purse. It’s also a good idea to take a taxi after dark rather than walking.

Do I need a visa for Peru?

It is your responsibility stay up to date on the latest visa and entry requirements for your destination. Please use the CIBT entry tracker on our website as a guideline or visit the relevant immigration webpage for more information regarding this.

What about vaccinations in Peru?

For travel to Peru we recommend getting vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid at least two months before your trip starts. For the most up-to-date recommendations please check with your doctor or travel clinic, and always go with their recommendations, as these can often change. There are no official vaccination requirements for entry into Peru, however if you’re entering Peru from a country that is considered to be at risk from Yellow Fever, or when you go home afterwards, then you may be required to show a certificate of vaccination (to be obtained from your doctor prior to travel).

Where do you fly into Peru?

Many international flights arrive in Lima early in the morning or in the late afternoon/evening, and depart in the late afternoon/evening. We recommend booking your domestic connections within Peru as part of your international fare. It’s more economical that way, and can make life a bit easier if your international flight is delayed. The major domestic carriers in Peru are Latam Peru (www.latam.com or Avianca (www. avianca.com).

Can you help me find flights to Peru?

We recommend booking your flights through our preferred travel partner – Fuzion Travel. They’re our experienced hand-picked experts in travel, passionate about what they do, and will tailor-make your flight itinerary to match your Active Adventures tour. Get in touch with them directly by email – active@fuziontravel.co.nz or on +1-833-244-5886. Let them know your preferred travel plans, including any stopovers or extra nights’ accommodation, and they’ll put everything in place for you. They offer a total travel solution and five star service that you’ll want to tell your friends about!

What's included on your Peru trips?

You'll stay in a variety of places depending on the destination and activities. In Peru you'll stay in nice hotels, tents while you're hiking (complete with porters to put them up for you, cook your meals and generally make sure it's the best camping experience ever!), jungle lodges and local homes on Amantani Island (a truly once in a lifetime experience).

Your transport will be a mixture of bus, plane, boat, bike and your very own two feet on our trips in Peru. All your transport is included from the start of your trip and we'll drop you at the airport at the end. The details are all listed in the trip specific itineraries.

All your meals are included as described in the itinerary except on your free days. We have found that people enjoy checking out what is on offer by themselves sometimes, so you can go and see what's out there! On every other day and especially after any long hikes, we've chosen places to eat that can cater for our hearty appetites, work well with our small groups (they know we are coming) and provide us with an authentic destination specific culinary experience. There are always options for you, so you can either be brave or choose something more familiar. On the hiking portion of our trips (such as on the Inca Trail) we work with an outstanding team of cooks who will amaze you with what they can produce on a campsite miles from the nearest town. You can be assured that on all our trips we will make sure you are very well fed.

Trip leaders
Our trips are all led by an experienced Trip Leader. Our Trip Leaders are very proud to work with Active Adventures and often lead our trips for many years, for which we are very lucky and very grateful as it means we're able to consistently offer a fantastic level of service. They work closely with our local specialist guides to provide you with a seamless, fun, exciting and memorable trip. They will happily share with you as much or as little as you want to know about the history, culture, social aspects and lifestyle of the country you are visiting. In the Galapagos Islands you will be accompanied by a specialist Nature Guide, qualified to provide you with plenty of information about the species that make their home on the islands.

What if I need a special diet?

We are accustomed to catering to the following special diets:

  • vegan (no meat or animal products)
  • vegetarian (no meat products)
  • fishatarian (vegetarian, and eat fish)
  • no red meat (eat chicken & fish)
  • gluten intolerant (no wheat, rye, barley or oats)
  • lactose intolerant (no dairy products)

You will get the opportunity to specify your particular requirements when you fill in our pre-trip questionnaire. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know well in advance, via email or the online questionnaire.

What kind of clothing should I be packing for my Peru trip?

Once you've booked your trip, you'll have access to a gear list in your portal on exactly what to bring along. The gear list is carefully thought out to provide you with everything you need to be warm and happy, or cool and relaxed, whatever the weather! So it is best to bring everything we recommend along, if you don't bring everything you need, we can't guarantee your comfort.

Do I need Hiking boots or are hiking sneakers okay?

You will need proper hiking boots - trail shoes are not good enough. We'll be taking you to some awesome places where you'll be hiking over a variety of terrain, therefore your boots should have full ankle support and a stiff sole with a high profile tread. It's also important that whichever footwear you decide to bring that it's well broken-in and waterproofed before you come down. If you have good ankles that will be able to cope pretty well with varied terrain, then good hiking shoes should be fine, but if not then hiking boots will give you better support.

Can I drink the water in Peru?

Peruvian tap water is not safe to drink, or brush your teeth in, so you’ll need to use filtered water instead, which we’ll provide, and treat ice and salads with caution. You can also use hand sanitiser, iodine or water purification tablets if you prefer.
Active Adventures is promoting ‘Travellers Against Plastic’ pledge, so to reduce single use plastic we encourage you to bring a durable water bottle to refill instead of purchasing bottled water.

What is the food like in Peru?

Peruvian cuisine is delicious but quite humble. Its base ingredients are usually potato, quinoa, chicken and seafood, or some kind of combination. If you’re vegetarian or vegan your options may be more limited. Vegetarians should ask for un plato vegetarian (a vegetarian dish). Vegan choices may be limited though we’ll do our best to help find things you may like.

What is the currency in Peru?

The currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol (PEN).

How much spending money should I bring and where do I get local currencies?

Your trip fare includes all transportation, guiding, meals and activities (except any optional activities). Most people like to bring a little extra to cover a round of drinks at the pub, take home some souvenirs, book a tour and eat out on their free day, and tip our guides if they've had a great time. 

Usually the easiest thing to do is use your credit or debit card to withdraw money directly from your home account, in local currency. There are plenty of ATM's and banks in larger towns in Peru (Cuzco and Lima), and ATM's will accept all major credit cards and many debit cards. Cash advances are the most convenient way to get cash.

Will the altitude affect me in Peru?

On some of our Peru trips we get to some higher altitudes (for instance, 15,420ft on the Lares Trail). Over the years we've found that if you take it easy on arrival in higher locations, you'll be just fine. Sure, we get straight into our activities at the start of our trips, so our itinerary takes altitude into account and there is plenty of leeway to relax during the first couple of days. When you're hiking in remote areas, oxygen is carried by your porters as a precaution. If you’re concerned, chat to your doctor about a prescription for Diamox (which can be taken as a preventative measure in the days before arrival) or consider alternative treatments like ginkgo or Oxishot.
If altitude is affecting you, be sure to let your trip leader and team of local guides know so that they can help take care of you.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Spanish is the main language of Peru, with Quechua being the main indigenous language. English is spoken in some hotels, airports and tourist areas but not everywhere, particularly not on Amantani Island where they speak largely Quechua.A little would be helpful, especially on arrival and for ordering food in restaurants, but it's certainly not required. Our trip leaders are all fluent Spanish speakers so if you don't have time to learn a little Spanish before arrival you don't have to worry... they will take care of everything.

What time zone is Peru in?

Peru is in the Peru Standard Time. It is -5 hours behind of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What type of plugs and voltage do you use in Peru?

Electricity is available in most places in Peru except on the Inca Trail, in the jungle lodges and on Amantani Island. Peru operates on a 220V AC system with the Plug Type A.

Will I have access to internet/WiFi in Peru?

WiFi is available almost everywhere in cities and easy enough to find in most towns/villages so you can rely on having regular access during your trip. If you have data roaming switched on, then you'll be able to use the internet on your smartphone, but beware of the fees! WiFi is available at some of the accommodations that you'll be staying at, usually for a small cost so check this out at each location when you arrive, though it may be sporadic. There's no WiFi along with Inca or Lares Trails, and cellphone coverage will be minimal.

What is the weather like in Peru?

Peru can be divided into two main seasons. These seasons have different effects in the different areas of Peru – the mountainous Andes, the Amazon and the Coast. Mountains: June to August is the drier, cooler season. Higher altitudes mean average temperatures are very cool, especially at night. December to March is the warmer, wetter season, so quality rain gear is essential, however rain can happen in any season. Amazon: It rains for most months of the year here, with the driest months being June to September. November to March is the wettest period, though only for a few hours at a time. Cold fronts can occur at any time of year, and it can drop down to 5-9°C (43-50°F) so always be prepared for wet weather.

What books could I read to learn more about Peru, the Incas and archaeology?

We recommend researching as much as possible before you go so that you can have the best possible experience. Reading any Peruvian travel guide will give you a good insight into the history, culture and people of the place you are about to visit. There is plenty to read online too. If you would like to study more in depth then we recommend the following:

  • Lost City of the Incas, Hiram Bingham - A first-rate tale of adventure by the man who rediscovered Machu Picchu in 1911. This classic account is a gripping story of exploration, archaeology and natural history -- and still an outstanding overview of the site itself. With original expedition photographs. Originally published in 1952, the book is still an excellent account, not only of the expedition but also of the site itself.
  • Conquest of the Incas, John Hemming - This classic masterful prize-winning history of the Inca struggle against the Spanish invasion brings together wide-ranging scholarly material in the interests of telling a good story.
  • History of the Inca Realm, Maria Rostworowski De Diez Canseco - This scholarly history boasts the most thorough treatment of the pre-Hispanic Incas available in English.
  • The Last Days of the Incas, Kim MacQuarrie - MacQuarrie tackles the personality, aspirations and greed of Francisco Pizarro in this vivid account of the conquest of a continent.
  • Art of the Andes, from Chavin to Inca, Rebecca Stone-Miller - This authoritative and concise illustrated survey of Andean art and architecture covers not only Machu Picchu and additional Inca monuments, but also Chan Chan, Nasca and other archaeological sites and cultures.
  • Fortifications of the Incas, H. W. Kaufmann, J.E. Kaufmann, Adam Hook - With color photographs and reconstructions, site diagrams and 17th-century engravings, this slim guide introduces building techniques and major Inca sites from Cusco and the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and Vilcabamba.
  • Machu Picchu, Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas, Richard L. Burger, Lucy C. Salazar - Burger and Salazar, both archaeologists at Yale, vividly evoke the art, architecture, culture and society of Machu Picchu in this illustrated, up-to-date survey. With illustrations of 120 gold, silver, ceramic, bone and textile artifacts, Hiram Bingham's original report of the "Discovery of Machu Picchu," published in Harper's Monthly, dozens of archival photographs, and excellent chapters on recent archaeological investigations and insights into life at Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui's royal estate.
  • The Incas and their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru, Michael Moseley - An outstanding illustrated survey of the archaeology of the Inca, Moche and Nasca civilizations. With hundreds of color illustrations and line drawings, it's an in-depth look at the ancient cultures and history of Peru. A great general introduction.

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